Thursday, May 5, 2011

A Letter to the Reader....


Over on the Blogroll of Watergate Summer I posted the Original Introduction "Silent Fallout", that I wrote back in 2005. Many people have asked why I am not published yet, what is holding the Story up. It is simple in a complicated way, I decided to tell my story at the worst time possible under the most Criminal Regime in American History. I can not change that, but I can tell the story with care to Timing.And since the story is not mine alone, but involves people that I love and treasure, it has to be told with care. In the winter of 2005 no one would ever have believed my story of Environmental Crimes and Damage.In many ways my precarious path was painfully affected by this administration. in 2005 People would have said" That is not possible, this is America, Nothing so horrendous, could happen Here."

But Lessons since 2005 came via Katrina and Plamegate and Fairgame , and Fired US Attorneys, and Lies that led to the Iraq War, and Missing WMD, and Ilegal Torture, and Blackwater Nightmares. There are no Illusions that Something is very Wrong In America. I wrote most of my tale as a Refugee in Exile in my own Country, waiting for People to wake up and waiting for my story to end. But even now the Ending is still illusive, yet the story needs to be told, because People have woken up. There are no Happy Endings under this Regime.

Most of us now know better, that in many ways Our Country is more than Broken, it is Undone. It is shattered on so many levels that My Story is merely a ripple in a much bigger pond of Lies and Damage. I call the Bush Regime the Titannical Administration. In 2005 I started Blogging on a Blog called Watergate Summer, because in many ways I felt like I was waiting for Bush Administration to be revealed for the fallacy it was. I was waiting for the Unraveling and Unveiling of Criminals, because that would also illuminate their Corporate Criminal Skills. As a young teen I watched Nixon fall from tarnished self created Grace, and the summer of the Impeachment Hearings I learned about How Unraveling Lies and Crimes requires Hope, Justice and Courage. I also learned that it requires a hungry angry audience. I have waited feverishly , with stretched patience, for a Return of Such an Illuminating Summer.

In my heart I have always known that the Waiting Game was beyond my control, that the Lies would reveal themselves when people had finally taken off the rose colored glasses. In many ways Americans were suffering from the Ostrich Syndrome, and their heads were buried in the protective warmth of the sand. But is is said that even Ostriches when Danger is Near Enough will feel it through the sand, the barriers, and will raise their heads and Look and attempt to decipher the Danger.

This is the Election Year, a year that America needs to pull their head out of the sand and Look. Change won't happen otherwise. If my story helps People, We The People understand the Damage that has been done by this Administration, then that is the path I am choosing.

I can not make the path palatable, or comforting, I can only tell the truth of What Happened. Sometimes the Government will alter Statistics, but the Obituaries never lie. I am the Other Side of the Erin Brockavich Story, what happens when Things Go Wrong. I am also sharing how Everyday People became Extraordinary Courageous heros fighting Corporate Greed , that we as a team were creative and unexpected. Only the names of the innocent will be changed in this story if their protection is required.

We fought the Companies and the Government with their Own Data and Documents, and those lessons must be shared. It was in many ways a dangerous Chess Game, that ended up involving Crimes and Broken Lives and parts of it led straight to this Very Administration.

As you read remember I am just a Nurse, a Mom, I was never a Scientist, or an Activist, or a Special Agent, or a Rabble Rouser....I was just the Neighbor Who Said "There is Something Wrong Here". And ask yourself, "Is that a Crime ? Should Whistleblowers be Hung Out To Dry by their own government ?" Ask yourself , "What would I do ?" For me to tell the Truth, you have to be willing to seek it.

Each Post will have art, photos, links and music. Because to tell this story, I have to tell it in the most sensitive way possible, in a way that heals as the Truth is revealed. I have decided to post the First Chapters in Blog Format, and you may email me offline with comments (

*{The Photo is "Mother" by Dorthea Lange.}*